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Your Core Beliefs

You are not Powerless, You are not Weak, You are not trapped. You are merely a victim of beliefs that were programmed in at a very tender age.

What you may not realise is that you have great power,
The power you have is awareness, attention and beliefs, these are incredibly powerful abilities, because Beliefs are at the core of everything that occurs in your life. Let me explain

Beliefs are created when you become aware of an event happening in your life, there are many many events that occur in your life, but you do not give attention to them all, those that get your attention bring out emotions this combination creates an experience.

This powerful combination of Attention + Emotions + Experience creates our core beliefs.

Our Core beliefs decide what events we pay attention to in our life.
Most of our Core Beliefs were created when we were young and developing and therefore we were very impressionable, events occurred, attention was given, emotions flowed and created experiences, these became core beliefs.

These core beliefs have dictated the nature of our subsequent experiences good or bad.

At this point you may feel like you have no hope, but you are wrong.

Powerlessness comes not because you had these experiences but because you believe them to be who you are and so they control your attention which in turn creates more experiences, strengthening the core beliefs, making them even more believable and so the vicious cycle continues. Leaving you feeling Powerless, Weak, and trapped with no escape. These vicious cycles in most cases continue throughout our entire life.

The very thing that holds you in captivity, your Core beliefs!

Will be the very thing that will set you free, how ? Through Awareness.............

  • January 9 at 07:19

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