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Is this how your life is?

Is this how your life is ?

You are the Victim of Life's circumstances and events.
You are the one that Life happens too.

You are the one that no matter how hard you try, life, people situations outside of your control, just keep on occurring, over and over again destroying your efforts.

People just keep on lying to you, betraying you, disrespecting you, breaking your trust, putting you down, breaking your heart, abusing you with words and actions that cut deep into the fabric of your being hurting you deeply.

You feel you are loving, caring, generous, trustworthy, honest, you endeavour to help others, often putting aside your own needs, desires or wants in order to make others feel loved, safe, secure.

Yet still Life tramples you under foot, casts you aside, shatters your good intentions, hurts you even more deeply than before.

Every experience becomes ingrained into the fabric of your being. Every hurt, every pain every ounce of suffering begins to radiate throughout the fabric of your being, as they are piled one on top of the other, building a mountain of pain, hurt and sadness within you.

You hide it well, you put on a brave face and you muddle through somehow, and no one not even those closest to you have any real idea that you are suffering, let alone how deep your hurt is, how much pain you are carrying inside, how deep and powerful the sadness is that you feel.

Every day, life continues to assault you with events, situations and experiences that pin you down, and entrench you in the role of the Victim of Life. This is so profound, so deep that you begin to expect it, even when things are going well, in the back of your mind you "know" that hurt, pain, betrayal, sadness or suffering is just around the corner.

If this describes you!
If this is your life, if this where you are right now.
If you have really had enough of it, and you really want to break free from it.

If you are determined to do "whatever" it takes to break the chains that bind you and keep you from realising your true potential, your true power, your true presence.

If you want to break free from pain suffering and sadness so that you can BE WHO YOU ARE. Then consider Transpersonal Counselling with Amadeity
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  • April 7 2019 at 10:38

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