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Whether you are looking to find your Soul Tribe, looking to set up your own Space so that you can attract your Tribe.
Or whether you are looking for a Soul Partner, a Soul Mate or Twin Flame.
The Facilities provided here will enable you to do any or all of the above.

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1. They are your support system. Your life line.
Not to sound exclusive, but they are in your circle and they are in theirs. It’s a bit like a clique, but with wholehearted and passion-driven people. Their hearts are big, their thoughts are deep, and their words are loving.
They are the people you can call at 2 am in the morning when you’re worrying about whether your whole life is falling apart. They are the ones who will remind you of why you’re so deeply passionate about your mission. They will not abandon you when you are lost, but will help you find your way back again.

2. You can show up as yourself, and they will only love you more for it.
They value honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability just as much as you do. And they appreciate you being real with them, because you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not when you’re around them. You’ve all mutually agreed that it’s a space where everyone can be themselves and show up as you are.
You feel a sense of belonging, community, and trust. Trust does not come easily, but it comes easily with your soul tribe. Although you haven’t signed a contract, there’s a mutual agreement that this is a space place. A real place. An honest place.
This is a place where you are seen, heard, supported, and loved. These people want to see you grow (and not secretly hope you’re going to fail), because seeing you grow inspires them to grow as well. You all inspire each other to be better people.

3. You are all on a journey of getting closer to your truth. Together.
One of the most magical parts of life is when we get closer who we are. Does that sound a bit woo woo? It’s suppose to. Gotta throw a little woo in there, know what I mean?
But seriously.
You and your soul tribe are all on a journey. As individuals, but together. Isn’t that amazing? Because together is better. In a society that celebrates and breeds competition, it is liberating to break away from the status quo and bring collaboration and community into your life. To bravely say “This (competition) is what I’ve been taught. In fact, I believed in it for a long time, but now I am letting it go and allowing this new thing (community) into my life.”